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Greenflash in a Greenflash glass...

...say that ten times fast! One of my favourite beer discoveries of the past year has been Greenflash Brewing Co from San Diego, California. Their 'West Coast IPA' and the 'Hop Head Red' Red IPA are both fantastic, but my absolute favourite is the 'Double Stout' Black Ale. It's a big, tasty, malty dark beer and with an equally impressive 8.8%abv taboot!

Many thanks to Hashigo Zake in Wellington NZ and the Cult Beer Store for importing their fine beers, and for the glass to match as well!


Tasting, 1,2,3....

A few photos from a beer tasting at Hashigo Zake this past Sunday. It's a really fantastic spot with some really outstanding beers. Of the 8 brews chosen for us, the Nogne Brown Ale was a personal fave, even if I can't pronounce it properly. Check them out here: http://hashigozake.co.nz/