Windy Wellington

A few facts about Wellington, New Zealand:

-Wellington is the worlds southernmost capital.
-Wellington airport is the busiest airport in the South Pacific.
-Wellington has more cafes per capita than New York City.
-Wellington is WINDY as!

"Windy as what?" you might ask... Well, its just really windy. On average, Wellington experiences abou 170 days per year with wind gusts over 60 km/h. According to the website, "The strongest wind speeds ever recorded in Wellington were at Hawkins Hill (just up from the wind turbine!) of 248km/h on 6 November 1959 and 4 July 1962."

To put that in persepctive, most hurricanes have sustained wind speeds of 200km/h. (I dont know if that's true, I just made that up.)

The wind certainly blows when youre trying to walk down the street, and umbrellas are out of the question. But wind means good news for some- wind surfers and sailing enthusiasts to name a few. It also means wind turbines! On the western side of Wellington, closest to the Tasman Sea, the hills are dotted with giant energy producing wind turbines. You can see them from above as you fly in from the north. The oldest wind turbine in Wellington is the "Brooklyn Wind Turbine" which sits atop a hill on the Western edge of town overlooking all of greater Wellington. Here's a bit of info:
"The Brooklyn wind turbine, on the hills above Wellington, is the oldest operating wind turbine in New Zealand. It began generating in 1993. Until very recently it operated reliably and continuously in some of the highest wind speeds enjoyed by any wind turbine in the world."

A few months ago, we took a trip up the hill to see for ourselves. A half hour and a few wrong turns later, we found ourselves parked beneath the giant pinwheel on a beautiful crisp winter day.  Here are a few photos from the visit. Luckily, the wind wasn't so strong on this particular day that I couldn't hold my camera steady! Enjoy..





When I was about 14 years old, I started my first band with my best friend Jay. Every weekend (or as often as I could get Mom to give me a lift), Jay and I practiced in the basement of his parents' house on North 15th St, right smack on the border between Bloomfield and Newark, New Jersey. Compared to the north end of Bloomfield where I grew up, Jay's neighborhood was like another planet. It seemed really dangerous and exciting. If we weren't inside playing the one Nirvana song we knew, we were outside blowing stuff up with bottle rockets, running from older kids who wanted our bikes, or wandering from one friend's front porch to another. The dairies and delis in that part of town all seemed more authentic- everything was imported, smoked or pickeled, and there was always an old man or two sitting out front in lawn chairs smoking smelly brown cigars.

     One of my favourite places to wander past was the live poultry shop. I thought it was amazing that less than five miles from my home in suburban New Jersey, you could buy an live chicken, bring it home and, potentially cook it in your kitchen! I never once stepped inside the shop- the smell was absolutely unbearable- but I can remember pausing in the doorway with an amused look on my face quite a few times. Who was buying these chickens? Where did they come from? How could anyone live in that apartment above that smelly store?

  Until a few weeks ago, that is the closest I have ever been to a live chicken in the 30 years of my life!  Here are a few photos of my new "chook" friends up at Lucy's Place in Taranaki, New Zealand.  They don't have names yet- or if they do, they haven't told me- but man are they cool little birds! They dont smell bad, and they don't seem as mean and nasty as the ones in that old poultry shop in Newark... maybe that's because Jersey chooks just have more attitude!


Kia Ora

Kia Ora!
I've spent a little bit of time recently getting this site together, but its still very much a work in progress. I'm slowly adding content and shifting things around... I imagine somewhere around the year 2021 I'll have things close to the way I'd like them. By then, we'll all have micro-chips feeding the internet directly to our brains, but I'll still be deciding on what color the font in my header should be!

Please have a poke around, and check back often.. I've got many more 3D projects in the works (including some stereo photos from Alcatraz, and a few from 'Shakedown Street' outside a recent Phish show!), a whole bunch of stop-motion videos, and maybe a few decent shots from my recent trip home to the US...

In the meantime, here's a few of my favorite shots from a trip I took last summer to Sommes Island in Wellington Harbour, Wellington NZ.. I was messing around with an old Olympus Pen 'half frame' 35mm camera, and I really dig the effect I got. Enjoy!

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